Website Design

You get what you pay for.  Just about anyone with basic computer knowledge can put together a simple web site with free online tools.  That basic site might be fine for a personal website, but if you have a business image to portray, you need a professional web designer/developer who is skilled in all of the many talents necessary to create an effective web presence. 

A poorly designed web site can be an immediate turnoff.  Our team of talented designers and programmers are skilled in creating professional, attractive, user-friendly, web sites.

We offer a variety of custom web design services and options. Your business may require a simple online presence or you may need a responsive design website that sells products. A good website requires both front-end design and back-end programming – here at CC inspire our core team was started by a designer and web developer, offering you the best of both worlds! From your logo, to print ads, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to your Facebook page – everything needs to work together as a seamless entity.

CC inspire Workflow Process

We will work closely with you to understand the overall goals of your website, and design 2 home page designs for you to choose from. Once you choose your design, we will custom design each page of your website.

Define a Website Map or Wireframe

CC inspire works to develop/refine an outline with bulleted lists that indicate pages, sub-pages and other structural breaks.  We will work together to outline where content should appear, multiple sections, etc.     

Initial CREATIVE Design

The initial design, created in Adobe Photoshop consists of visually accurate images (“mock-ups”) of the home page (typically 2 treatments) and at least one internal page.  

Design Approval and Revisions

After the initial mock-ups are out for approval, there is usually a revision process where we go back and forth a few times, trying a variety of edits until the design is approved.  Once the homepage look is approved we would move on to additional components or unique areas of the website to give the developer a more direct path to follow visually.  These designs would coordinate hand-in-hand with the website site map as listed in the beginning process.

Development & Integration With iCMS & iMLS

Once approved, the design is handed off to our development team who while build a responsive website atop our iCMS Content Management System or integrated with iMLS (if a Real Estate website). Both the design approval process and development are the longest phases in the process.  It’s not an exact science to the time frame of these two processes given each situation is unique.  It also depends on how many revisions are necessary as well as the level of complexity of each section.